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Keynote speaker to numerous organizations from Fortune 1000 companies, Small Business Owners groups, Non-Profits, College's, and both Private & Public Schools. With 40+ years of successful biblical based business strategy, Dr. Jones delivers a riveting presentation on how business principles found in the Bible can and will positively impact any business professional, from Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive Leader, and Individual Contributor.

But David's heart is teaching about "The Power Of Grace" in everyday living for Christians. 

Based off of Dr. Jones' #1 Best Selling Book, "God Is Not Mad At You", when you attend one of his seminars you will learn the following:

How he and his family, along with others have overcome the lies of religious condemnation. 

How past poor decisions in life as a Christian, does not make you a faliure in God.

How staying sin conscious, will keep you from developing your own personal relationship with God.

You will learn that God is not in the business of working with perfect people. He is in the business of working through imperfect people; perfectly!

You will learn the truth of having a personal walk with God has nothing to do with how good you live for Him, but everything to do with your faith in Jesus' perfect work on the cross nearly 2000 years ago. 

You will learn how God truly wants to bless ALL of His children; flaws and all. 

Mission Statement – Story telling has been a part of Man's culture from the beginning of our creation. And story telling of historical facts and lessons learned is the best way to pass both knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.  

Our Mission is to take the message of personal healing, overcoming religious oppression, developing a one on one relationship with God, and how every believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior can begin to move into a powerful supernatural Spirit let everyday life. To help marriages heal, opression to be overcome, sickness and torment to flee, families to be whole again, business to flourish, and life as a Christian to become awesome, through the teachings of the gospel of Jesus' perfect work on the cross.