About David

Personal Life

Life is what you make out of it. The old saying "make lemonaid out of lemons" is really true. Raised in the Episcopal religion with very little teaching on biblical principles for life, David made horrible life decisions as he approached his teens and young adult years. But he always had a hunger to know more about God, even through he was living this life of self afflicted turmoil. At twenty three David was led to Jesus and became Born Again in a Southern Baptist church in Amarillo, but shortly thereafter he moved to Houston.

After moving to Houston he joined a large Baptist church where he attended regulary for the next ten years, but jokingly states, "I wore the carpet out going up for repentance almost every Sunday. All I heard was Hellfire and Damnation for our commited sins and I was still thinking with my original mind from before I was Born Again. I could never do anything right." 

At thirty three he met Robbye and they started attending a small non-denomination Full Gospel church. For the first time he bagan hearing about the full gospel of Jesus Christ, but there was also a tinge of legalism and control. This legalism and almost fault finding increased and this was the catalyst for David to decide to learn the bible for himself. That continual message of grace coupled with the conflicting message of fault finding and religious works was the best thing to ever happen in his life. 

About six years into this church, five years into his marriage, and now with a one year old little girl, David began digging into the bible for himself. For the next ten years David would help put Rachel to bed, say goodnight to Robbye and begin his study. Every night for five plus hours a night, seven days a week David read the bible. His study was literally verse by verse and word by word with a Strong's Concordance at his side. He even started learning Hebrew and Greek languages to better understand what was in both the Old and New testament. 

Today David's books, seminars, church engagements, Life & Business Coaching is all based on thousands of pages of personal notes that he has complimented in his own life as a husband, father, businessman, and Christian.


In the business world, David has over 40 years of successful experience as a business owner and a corporate professional. And the foundation for all of his success has been based entirely on biblical principles for supernatural success. Hence, his book "God Wants You Prosperous" was published July 2019. 

Today David is a sought after LifeCoach, Business & Professional Consultant, and also hosts business seminars for Christian business owners, entrepreneur, and business professionals. Because of his book "God Is Not Mad At You, David often ministers at churches and seminars all across the country.   


Sensing the need to go further with his education he wanted to go back to college and focus on a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies. But running his own business and working full time, his choices of colleges were few. 


Interestingly, in March 2007 after David and his family decided to leave their last church of seventeen years. God brought David to a small organization called Church & Ministerial Alliance International. After several months visiting with the Bishop of this organization, David & Robbye were invited to be a part of CMAI and were ordained as pastors. For the next several years that pastored a young adult outreach in Houston called Springboard Ministries. 


In July 2010 David was appointed Bishop of CMAI and led his first mission trip to Kenya where he and four other pastors taught 115 Kenyan pastors during a three-day seminar. The following year the President of Kingsbury Bible College connected with CMAI and began discussions on how to get biblical education to both East & West Africa. Since KBC was a fully accredited online bible college, David was now able to attend college while also being fulltime employed. 


While taking his exams he at the end of each course, he noticed a few discrepancies on the answers and contacted the President of the college. After internal discovery, the college realized David was correct and asked that he continue vetting the tests as he continued his personal studies. 


Over the next several years David completed his Bachelors and Masters of Biblical Studies, and finally in October 2016 David received his Doctor of Divinity. He is now a board member and Adjunct Professor at KingsBury Bible College.